Christopher P. Stephens, Bookman

Chris Stephens has been a book dealer since 1965 - earlier if you count childhood buying and selling.

Stephens has sold major collections to university libraries all over the world. He has operated appealing bookstores in Mt. Carroll, Illinois, Hastings on Hudson, NY and several in NYC, NY. He is a wholesale dealer to other bookstores all over the world.

Chris loves books.

Stephens now maintains a lively internet operation out of his new home in Scranton, PA.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Brajarani Scioscia at riverrun

June 1988

Brajarani Scioscia, on the left, enjoyed an afternoon in riverrun with Mary. The cousins were friends.
Brajarani had an interesting and unusual childhood but at this time she lived in Hastings on Hudson, right around the corner from riverrun. She worked at riverrun during her sophomore year of high school and off and on during the next years. "I felt so grown up when I was there," said Braj. "But look at this picture! I was young."
Braj and Mary went to the local high school together. They liked to hang out in their grandfather's bookstore even on days when they weren't formally working. Frank Scioscia liked his granddaughters dropping by. Sometimes they gave him a hand with shelving books or carrying boxes. They always brought these wonderful smiles in to light up riverrun.
Brajarani travelled after college. She went on to have two great children, Holly and Bilbo. She designed costumes and later became an ESL teacher. It's a job that works well with her interest in other people and in exotic climes.
Now Brajarani has settled in England. By coincidence, Mary is there too. They both read. They both write. Neither has been published yet, but they will. Mary writes enchanting stories for children and funny stuff about the mishaps of love. Brajarani writes lively travel commentary and compelling memoirs of her fascinating life. After almost 20 years, they're still dear friends. Whenever they're in NY, they still bring those wonderful smiles in to light up riverrun.

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