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Friday, May 22, 2009

George Jellinek At Home

George Jellinek gave us all the gift of his "The Vocal Scene" program on WQXR (and others - it was syndicated on radio stations all over). The show was wonderful. He is wonderful.

Jellinek comes into riverrun from time to time to buy books and records. Since he retired from his show in 2004, he hasn't been adding much to his collections. In fact, now Chris visits him from time to time to time to buy books and records.

George Jellinek has a work study filled with books, records, CDs and photographs of opera stars he knows.

This is the computer where he writes. Just to the left of the computer, under the desk's glass top, is a photograph of his family - parents, sister, and self. He is the young man standing on the right.

This afternoon George and Hedy Jellinek welcomed both Chris and me into their home. I took pictures. They were quite gracious and it was fun.

Books by George Jellinek:
My Road to Radio and The Vocal Scene: Memoir of an Opera Commentator
History Through the Opera Glass: From the Rise of Caesar to the Fall of Napoleon
Callas: Portrait of a Prima Donna

an intriguing list of articles by Jellinek for Fanfare magazine, (articles themselves available to members)


  1. Nice to see him staying active and well!
    Has "vocal scene" been compiled into a set of CDs or available somewhere online?

  2. LSS replies - lumingshih, I will find out if they are available commercially.
    I know GJ has complete set himself, so it is possible.
    I'll post another comment when I find out - give me a week or two.

  3. Please do keep this question active until an answer can be found! The Vocal Scene was full of marvelous treasures, and must if at all possible be preserved and made available! I listened enthralled for years in Ithaca NY in the 70's over the Binghamton, NY NPR station, and would give a lot to be able to hear some of those programs again!
    Hugh Olmsted
    Boston, MA

  4. I just heard the announcement that George Jellinek has died. I remember many hours of listening enjoyment and stilll have many cassette tapes of The Vocal Scene.

    Jack M.

  5. Indeed, a sad weekend for Vocal Scene fans. I am a young man, but my father has hundreds of his shows on tape. the man was a treasure

  6. Is there someone ready to take up the reigns?
    It is my hope, although the Jellinek artform cannot be duplicated, that some effort emerges to continue to articulate and deliver the world of opera and the human voice. George Jellinek's contributions are eternally etched in my memory.

    Nieves M.

  7. I am still inquiring about how to get these available for all of us old and new fans.

    Paul is lucky that his father has hundreds of Jellenick's shows available.