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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Science Fiction Awards and Organizations

drawing copyright 1975 L. Scioscia Stephens

The Hugo Award is given annually in several categories. The award is presented at the WorldCon by the World Science Fiction Society - WSFS. WSFS is a group loosely organized to sponsor annual conventions and the prestigious award, named for Hugo Gernbsback of Amazing Stories fame.
Prize selection is done in an interesting way. WSFS is a grassroots organization. Nominations for the Hugo come from members all over the world. Nominations are tabulated and the 5 most oft nominees are returned to the general membership for a second-round vote.
Hugo Awards homepage
World Science Fiction Society homepage lists world conventions

Nebula Awards winners are nominated and selected through vote by members of the Science Fiction Writers of America, SFWA.
Nebula Awards homepage
SFWA homepage

An impressive array of authors make up the Grand Masters award list. When Damon Knight died in 2002 this award was renamed in his honor. The Damon Knight Grand Masters Award is presented at the Nebula Awards Dinner by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.
Damon Knight Grand Masters Award

Locus Magazine is a trade magazine for the science fiction community
Great information about almost 50 awards on a Locus website
Locus Magazine Index of awards by Mark Kelly

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