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Chris Stephens has been a book dealer since 1965 - earlier if you count childhood buying and selling.

Stephens has sold major collections to university libraries all over the world. He has operated appealing bookstores in Mt. Carroll, Illinois, Hastings on Hudson, NY and several in NYC, NY. He is a wholesale dealer to other bookstores all over the world.

Chris loves books.

Stephens now maintains a lively internet operation out of his new home in Scranton, PA.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nixon Newspaper

For some reason this paper happened to be lying on top of a box of books at riverrun.

August 1974. A turning point in American history.

Ford committed political suicide by pardoning Nixon the month after he became president. But was it the right thing to do for the country? It probably was.

Two years later two very decent men faced one another in the contest for president.

Read Street Blog mentions resignation and promotes All the President's Men by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

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